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SmartGym is your new gym buddy – even better if you have an Apple Watch

Since I have the Apple Watch, I use the native Exercises app to monitor my workouts at the gym. But it is limited to basically being activated at the beginning and ending at the end, showing me how long it took me working out, how many calories I burned and the average of my heart rate.

Now, I have a new companion on Watch; his name is SmartGym.


Developed by the Brazilian Matt Abras, also responsible for SoundShare, SmartGym replaces the paper that shows your record of the day at the gym. Not only is it much cooler, more practical and modern, but it also contributes to the environment.

The gym where I work out even has an iPhone app that does that, but it's not as well developed and doesn't work on the Apple Watch. SmartGym can only be used on the iPhone, but for those who have the watch, the experience is even more sensational.

On the iPhone, I basically just did the initial configuration of SmartGym by adding my data and inserting my current two training sheets. It has an extensive database of exercises (more than 240!) With animated graphics, but I haven't found * all * that I've been doing. Up to add a custom l, but I preferred to select an existing one very close to mine. You tell the app the number of sets, repetitions, weight and rest time.

At the gym itself, I didn't even touch the iPhone. I opened SmartGym on the Apple Watch, started the exercise (it is already integrated with iOS Health) and selected my card for the day. A, will only carry out each exercise including a timer built-in for the vibrating rest to let you know when it's time to continue. Here, I think he could keep Watch watching until you turn it off, instead of being a simple notification but I don't know if Apple offers this as an option for developers. Also, I expected him to be counting down the series as I use the timer, which does not happen.

Is there anything to improve? Yes, always there. I think the app could automatically scroll to the next exercise when I mark that I finished one, as well as suggest ending the training automatically when I finish the last exercise of the day. Finally, another thing I don't know if it is possible today to be implemented in third party apps is the total blocking of the Watch's screen and side buttons; in the native Exercises app, you unlock by rotating the Digital Crown.

Furthermore, the app is very well built like everything Mateus does. It has training history, allows you to monitor your progress in body measurements, share files, among others. For $ 2 on the App Store, a bargain.

SmartGym app icon: Manage Your Workout

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