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Samsung registers gamepad patent for Galaxy S20 [ATUALIZADA]

Update 13/03/2020 s 8h

Apparently this product had already been released for the Galaxy Note 10, but its patent was only released in March. The device was made in partnership with Samsung, but was developed and launched by the Glap brand, a Korean partner.

The control has been available from Amazon since 2019, you can find it on this link.

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Samsung has just launched its new line of premium smartphones for 2020, the Galaxy S20. The smartphones in the line have a screen with a updating up to 120 Hertz. That means they are excellent smartphones to play. A new report published by Let's Go Digital shows that the company registered the patent for a gamepad, which would be specially developed for line devices.


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Playing on a smartphone can be a little tricky, precisely because of the touch screen. With the controller attached to the mobile device, some commands are easier, especially for those who are used to playing with the controller.

That patent, published only on March 12, 2020, had previously appeared. In September 2019, Samsung Electronics registered a patent in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for an "electronic auxiliary control device or mobile terminal". This record shows several features that the gamepad will bring.

With the images rendered by Let's Go Digital it is possible to have an idea of ??how the device will work. On the left there is a joystick, one D-pad (directional boats) and two small boats. O same layout was applied right, replacing the D-pad with four separate boats. There are also controls at the top and at the rear there are also two triggers.

It is also possible to see that Samsung thought about heating, which some games can cause in the device. So there is a set of fans on the gamepad itself to help dissipate the heat, thus improving the performance of the device.

Despite being made with the Galaxy S20 models in mind, the controls will have size adapters, so it can be used on other devices. It is possible to connect the device both via USB cables and wireless networks. The patent states that the gamepad has access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

As well as the control of Playstation 4, for example, the control will also be equipped with a vibration system. This gives the user access to direct feedback via gamepad during games. To complete, the control is equipped with a microphone and an audio module, to facilitate and improve communication in multiplayer games. Also h P2 input, common for headphones.

The patent also shows a second option, with a different, simpler design. Possibly it will also have very similar functions, but with some savings.


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What draws the most attention is the reduced size, as well as the number of buttons that is smaller. It is possible to use the device on its side as well, by removing one side from the top and placing it down. It is likely to work on the three devices advertised, in addition to other brands.

This is not the first time that Samsung launches a Gamepad. Other smartphones like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 also had an option for you. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company will be investing in the gamer audience with the Galaxy S20 line.

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