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Rumor: Sandy Bridge processors for Macs Pro will launch on November 15

According to information obtained by the Turkish website DonanimHaber (Google Translate), the launch of the line of Sandy Bridge processors suitable to equip new Macs Pro would be scheduled for November 15. The three chips would be the Core i7 3820, Core i7 3930K and Core i7 3960X, costing $ 294, $ 583 and $ 999, respectively. The 3960X would be, on average, 15% more powerful than the 990X, but much faster in applications that require a lot of memory or AVX.

Open Mac Pro, viewed from above

In view of Apple's history of having access to new chips in advance, it is quite possible that these new Macs Pro will be launched at the traditional October event, focused on the traditional computer platform. With the arrival of hardware that does justice to the size of these machines, it is much more likely to see the rumors of a renewal on the Mac Pro finally materialize.

(via MacRumors)