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PC makers want Intel to cut chip prices to compete with MacBook Air

It seems that the $ 300 million fund for the development of ?Ultrabooks? is not enough. We already said that the MacBook Air is impacting the production of these computers among Chipzilla. Now, according to the DigiTimes, executives at Acer and Compal asked the company to lower the price of processors, thus helping them to reach final prices below $ 1,000.

New MacBooks Air aside

Scott Lin, president of Acer, reportedly said his company had to adopt a processor low-end or reduce component specifications to achieve the $ 1,000 price target. According to him, Intel refuses to subsidize CPUs.

THE Chipzilla wants to conquer 40% of the Ultrabook market in the near future, but according to Ray Chen, president of Compal, it will not reach this goal if it maintains the current prices. Still according to Chen, if Ultrabooks continue to suffer from poor sales while Apple continues to sell a lot, the alliance ?Wintel? will have to do something.

For those who have been following the Apple world for years, it is even difficult to believe in this type of news. Who knew that Ma, a company famous for offering quality products but expensive, would continue to offer the same quality while reducing the price to the point that the industry simply cannot compete with it ?! And I'm not just talking about the MacBook Air: the iPad is on and won't let me lie. This is the result of two advantages in relation to competition, very well placed in this article.

(via AppleInsider)