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Now we already know how much RAM will have the new iPhones and the new Apple TV

As if the avalanche of information extracted from the Golden Master leaked from iOS 11 which we published over the weekend (1, 2, 3), from yesterday to today the developer / hacker Steven Troughton-Smith brought apparently "confirmed" information about the amount of RAM that we?ll have on the new iPhones and the new Apple TV.

According to him, the ?iPhone 8? has 2GB memory, the ?iPhone 8 Plus? will have 3GB and the ?iPhone X?, too 3GB. That is, no big news compared to the current iPhone 7 has 2GB, the 7 Plus has 3GB.

Furthermore, with respect to the cameras of the new iPhones, Steve T-S says that the sensors of the rear cameras will continue to be 12 megapixels but capable of shooting at 4K with up to 60 frames per second or in Full HD 1080p with up to 240 frames per second, while the front has 7 megapixels and reach 1080p30. The IR sensor already operates at 1312 × 1104 pixels of resolution.

The leap on Apple TV will be more significant, not least because the current one was launched two years ago. From an A8 chip with 2GB of RAM, we?ll jump to one A10X Fusion (the same SoC used in current iPad Pro) with 3GB. This will give her plenty of capacity to reproduce content in 4K60 / HDR, but also open the doors for example for more complex games to reach the App Store of tvOS. The navigation of the entire system itself should become even more fluid, of course.

Not bad.