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Nintendo's online service in trouble worldwide

Nintendo's online service has been experiencing access problems since this morning, leading many users to complain about not being able to play with friends and buy games from the eShop digital store. Nintendo has already commented on the situation on its Twitter account, saying it is aware of the errors that players are experiencing in accessing Nintendo eShop, and is working to correct the problems, promising an update as soon as the situation is normalized.

There are users who are able to access normally, in others the problem persists, thinking that the service is receiving an abnormal peak of accesses due to the isolation shown in many countries due to the coronavirus. Others theorize that Nintendo is anticipating the launch of the new Animal Crossing from Switch, scheduled for Friday, a gift for those who are grounded at home, say anxious fans in response.

According to Nintendo Life, the problem crosses all Nintendo platforms, such as 3DS and Wii U, in addition to Switch, and covers all territories, the United States, Japan and Europe. On the Nintendo support website, the network status displays the error message Unable to connect to the service network. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience you may cause.

It should also be noted that Nintendo today presented indie news for its catalog, highlighting the game Exit the Gungeon scheduled to be launched today in the eShop.