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New iPhones and Apple TV 4K will arrive in Brazil by the end of the year; Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) will not be released here

That the iPhones 8/8 Plus will be released on Brazil Until the end of the year, nobody had many doubts every year Apple launches its new devices in September / October and they arrive in our country before Christmas.

This year, however, we have something new: the iPhone X, new flagship from the company, only reach stores in the countries of ?the first wave? on November 3rd. With a supposedly low production, could Apple be able to bring the device here before 2018?

iPhones X, 8 Plus and 8

According to the newspaper THE GLOBE, Yes. Although Apple did not provide a specific date (or dates, since there are at least two releases, one for the iPhones 8/8 Plus and one for the X), the company said that * all * the models will be available for purchase in Brazil still in 2017.

THE Apple TV 4Knew set-top box da Ma, will also be sold in our country until the turn of the year, something already expected the product already appears on the Apple website, including with its defined prices.

Apple Watch Series 3 models (GPS + Cellular)

It's the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)? We hypothesized that it will not be launched here due to bureaucracy involving negotiations with operators because of the technology used by Apple to provide cellular connectivity to the device. Said and done: the Rio newspaper reported that Apple does not intend to bring the model of the watch with cellular connectivity to Brazil. Although the reason has not been explained, at least for me there is no doubt that this is the scenario described here.

A feather. Who knows on the Apple Watch Series 4 ?