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New case – optional? – the AirPods will be compatible with the AirPower wireless charger

September 12, 2017 stay forever in Apple's history as the day the company finally embraced the world of wireless charging (Apple Watch doesn't count, does it?), about five years after its main competitors.

Of course, this delay by Ma to embark on the wave would have to be justified with some new technology that would leave the whole competition in the slipper, but, well, we still haven't seen anything towards a contactless charging feature instead, we have a new one. accessory called AirPower.

AirPower charging base with iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPodsAirPower charging base with iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods

AirPower, at first glance, just another one of those wireless charging devices (it even has the same Qi standard, which means that, yes, it can charge other devices than Apple's) with a Ma recorded somewhere on the your target body; a distinction not yet seen in any of these accessories, however, is present: it is possible to charge multiple devices at the same time. So, if you have in the hypothetical future, of course an iPhone X, an Apple Watch and a pair of AirPods, it is possible to refuel everyone simultaneously on the same surface.

In the case of the new iPhones and the watch, of course, this feature is already built into the devices; the current AirPods case, however, does not support wireless charging. that's why Apple announced that it will launch a new model of the case, compatible with the recharge wireless, which will be launched sometime in the coming months or, more likely, along with the AirPower charger itself, which is promised for some point in 2018.

Visually, the future case of the AirPods is practically identical to the current one, the only difference is in the location of the status LED: in the first model, it is inside the case, between the cavities for the headphones; in the new, it is on the outside, allowing users to have a ?view? of the cargo at any time (and helping those who want to pair their AirPods with Windows computers or Android smartphones, since the colored lights are the process guides in these devices).

Some details regarding the new case, however, are still not entirely clear. It is known that owners of existing AirPods will be able to buy this new case separately and replace it with the current one to enjoy wireless charging; no one risks guessing, however, how much this convenience will cost. Likewise, it remains to be seen whether, when launched, the case will come as standard with the headphones thereafter or if they will continue to come with the old model of the case and Apple will force consumers to pay an extra amount for the option. There is still the possibility of Ma selling two models of the AirPods: one with the traditional case and the other with the new.

Certainly, more information about the AirPower charger and the new case for AirPods will appear in the near future; We will obviously be connected to bring everything as quickly as possible.