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MM Answers: how to delete photos on iOS when the trash icon does not appear?

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How to delete photos on iOS when the trash can icon does not appear?

Photos synced by iTunes

Generally, at the beginning of the year, people take the opportunity to clean up their iGadgets and they often encounter some problems in this process. One of the most common involving photos is the inability to erase some images from your device, usually caused by old syncing with iTunes.


Example of a photo with (left) and without (right) the trash can icon.

If you have folders or albums synced through iTunes, your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch will not allow you to remove these files unless this is done on your computer (even if the Mac / PC is used to add these photos to the iGadget). Note that this process deleting the photos from your device forever is worth making sure that you have the photos in your photo library (if you still want to have them somewhere).

Removing photos from your device

  1. Connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch via the USB cable on the Mac / PC;
  2. Authorize the computer to access the information iGadget;
  3. In your iGadget, authorize the connection to the computer;
  4. Open iTunes and select the device;
  5. In the sidebar, click on the ?Photos? option.

Deleting photos in iGadget by iTunes

  1. Check / uncheck the photo sync checkbox with your device and click the "Apply" button.

Deleting photos in iGadget by iTunes

  1. You must confirm the desire to remove the photos or delete them in the window presented by iTunes.

Deleting photos in iGadget by iTunes

  1. Wait for the synchronization process to complete.
  2. Ready!

After these steps, all photos that were previously not erasable on your device will disappear or have been reduced, according to your choices in iTunes. In particular, I find creating albums on iCloud much easier for those who want to have a selection of the best synced photos if you don't know how to make these albums, it's worth checking out this Apple support article.

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