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Meet Mykind, a social network specializing in street food

In the field of gastronomy, there are many excellent restaurants whose quality has become known mainly from the dissemination of customers. Nowadays, there are a lot of businesses in this field that now make the street their point. The application Mykind was created thinking of those who like to discover and promote good ?street? foods.

Mykind app icon

Created by São Paulo native Lucca Bevilacqua, Mykind is a social network that helps its users to find new trends in street food or even to publicize their own business.

The Mykind application aims to bring together businessmen, suppliers and consumers of street food from all over Brazil, a specific segment that has difficulties communicating schedules, menus and taking actions. branding specific.

Several types of street food businesses can be found in the app: food trucks, food bikes, trailers, street fairs, among others. In addition, customers can access various promotions, inquire about launches, chat directly with the establishment through messages, publicize brands, menus and services. Oh, not to mention that, being a specialized social network, no one will complain when you post photos of your dish. ?

Meet new places to eat and advertise those you already know by downloading Mykind for free from the App Store.