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Learn how to download videos on your phone in 6 steps

Have you thought about downloading your favorite videos on your cell phone? AppGeek decided to explain exactly how to do this on Android. Download videos from the internet without complications. See how easy it is!

First of all, it is important to inform that, to download videos and other media content on the smartphone, it is necessary to download an application.

This is because cell phones do not have a native video download function from the internet.

It is essential to bear in mind that most videos on the internet are protected by copyright. That is, if you download protected material and misuse the content, you could be accused of piracy. So stay tuned!

How to download internet videos on Android

AppGeek chose Video Downloader for the tutorial below. This is an attractive app, with a pleasant and easy to use interface, which can be installed directly from the Google Play Store.

Download videos on Android phone with Video Downloader

It is in contrast to other video download platforms, which ask that the application be installed using an APK. Look how easy it is to use Video Downloader on your smartphone:

1. Download the Video Downloader on your cell phone;

2. Open the application;

3. Allow the app to access the device's storage;

Access to Android storage with Video Downloader

4. Go to the website where you want to download the video from;

5. D play on video;

6. Touch the Download.

Download videos on mobile with Video Downloader

  • Important: YouTube imposes a legal restriction on anyone who wants to download content from the platform. Some applications are prevented from accessing videos for download, such as Video Downloader.

However, there are tools developed that are able to circumvent some restrictions on the network. Take a look at the options below!

5 apps to download videos on mobile

For more video download apps, you can choose one of the five tools below. They are different applications that allow you to download content from different sites without secrets, starting the download in a matter of seconds.

  • Because they offer varied functionalities, enabling the download on several platforms, the apps on the list must be installed through an APK. With the exception of YouTube Go, available on the Google Play Store.

1. YouTube Go

Download videos on mobile with YouTube Go

Launched with the aim of taking YouTube content even closer to Internet users, YouTube Go allows you to download videos so you can watch or listen to them when you are offline.

The application works as a service of streaming offline, because with the payment of a subscription you can use it without limitations. Several contents are available in the app every day, ready for download on the smartphone.

You can share what to see with friends without consuming data, in addition to being able to see a preview of the videos before deciding to watch or download it. great for anyone who wants to view YouTube content without needing a connection!

To download YouTube Go, click here.

2. VidMate

Download videos on Android phone with VidMate

VidMate is one of the most popular applications when it comes to downloading videos and music from YouTube. With an intuitive and easy to understand interface, to start downloading content from the internet on VidMate is very simple.

The app allows you to download from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, among other platforms. VidMate is compatible with virtually all types of multimedia content available on the internet. Great for you, you want everything on your phone to see when you're not connected!

When downloading videos, you can select the quality level. Thus, important films can be saved in high definition, while the most common ones can be saved in lower quality, saving space on the smartphone!

To download VidMate, click here.

3. Snaptube

Download videos on Android phone with Snaptube

To download videos and music on the Internet quickly, Snaptube has a wide variety of resolutions. If you don't want the image, just download the MP3 sound. If you want specific videos, search with keywords!

With Snaptube, you can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Daily, Vimeo, among other platforms! D to download cleanly, in an easy to manage interface.

To download Snaptube, click here.

4. Videoder

Download videos on Android phone with Videoder

With support for 4K video downloads, Videoder is one of the most complete tools for downloading videos on the internet. The application has several features, such as saving an entire YouTube playlist on your phone!

To ensure privacy and security, the app has a browser with an ad blocker, so you can do your searches smoothly. Then, with one or two taps on the screen, just download the content you choose.

In addition to YouTube, Videoder allows you to download videos from more than 50 platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and several others. This makes it easy to save what you want to watch later or those recordings you never want to miss.

To download the Videoder, click here.

5. TubeMate

Download videos on Android phone with TubeMate

Very well known among Android users, TubeMate is a great option if you are looking to download videos from social networks with practicality. In an extremely simple interface, the application works without secrets, just a quick search to start downloading videos on the internet.

With several formats and resolutions available, downloading videos with TubeMate is an easy task. It is possible to download the contents with the highest quality, as well as choose a lower resolution so as not to consume a lot of space on the cell phone.

For everything to go smoothly, just open the app and start downloading your videos. Perfect for those who are practical, but want power when deciding on the quality of the downloaded content.

To download TubeMate, click here.

Now that you can download various content on Android, you can also learn how to download videos on iPhone. Also check out 6 movie and series apps if you are a cardholder filmmaker! And we also recommend the 6 best video call apps today, check it out.