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Just now, a year (!) After the announcement, Apple is managing to normalize AirPods stocks

The AirPods were announced by Apple exactly on September 7, 2016. At the time, the company's expectation was to start selling its new wireless headphones at the end of October.

But, as we know, everything was delayed and the AirPods really only started to be sold in mid-December 2016. The delivery time, which was four weeks, however, quickly went to six and remained so until the beginning of last August. , when it returned to be four weeks.

The good news is that, now, practically a year after the announcement of the already famous headphones, the deadline around the world has dropped again, now to one / two weeks. Soon, it seems, Apple is finally able to deliver the product within the normal timeframe (shipping within 24 hours of purchase).

AirPods Shipping Deadline

Ma's small accessory, as we know, is selling very well and already completely dominates the American wireless headphones market. Although the company has some difficulty in production due to possible complex engineering, the main factor of them not stopping in stock even the demand, it seems.

And no wonder. As we made clear in our review, the product is very cool and, although it has flaws (that is, opportunities that can be solved in a likely second generation), it was one of the most interesting launches of Apple of recent times.

And we are not the only ones who think like this:

Speaking of second generation, many question whether Apple will launch a new version of the AirPods later this year. Analyzing the scenario (almost a year after the announcement, stocks are still being regularized), I believe that this second generation will be for sometime in 2018, who knows with the launch of the future iPhone, in about 12 months. Mere guess, of course.



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