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Ivy Bridge processors expected to bring OpenCL support and more powerful graphics to MacBooks Air

Good news for those who are terrified of the combination of words "integrated graphics" and "Intel": according to CNET News, graphic performance is one of the main focus areas of the Chipzilla in its next generation of processors. To complete, the AnandTech still highlights that the gain compared to what we have today in Sandy Bridge chips will be up to 60%!

MacBooks Air with Ivy Bridge

Another great news is that this new generation of processors will bring support to OpenCL, a technique for harnessing the computational power of GPUs for unrelated imaging tasks. To date, none of Intel's integrated graphics has offered this feature, available since Snow Leopard on a number of Macs, but not on the current 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBooks Air.

That, of course, is expected to change in 2012, when Ivy Bridge CPUs hit the market. The thing is to hope that this time Intel will get it right with its integrated graphics.

(via MacRumors)