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iOS 10 is now in 76% of all iGadgets

In mid-October, about three weeks after the launch of the iOS 10, it was already in 54% of all iGadgets in use worldwide according to official data obtained by Apple through visits to the App Store.

Now, the thing is like this:

IOS 10 Adoo

Yes, iOS 10 has already passed three quarters (76%, to be more precise) of all iPads, iPhones and iPods touch in use, with iOS 9 getting 18% and all other versions (iOS 8 or earlier), adding 6%.

Among readers of MacMagazine, the thing obviously quite different. According to data accessing our website in the last week (via Google Analytics), iOS 10 is already used by 90% of you and iOS 9, by 6%; the previous ones keep only 4%.