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Huawei tries to promote itself on the failure of the presentation of Face ID, but…

As predicted, the failure that occurred in the first public demonstration of the Face ID iPhone X's facial recognition system wouldn't be so easily overlooked by haters. When I mentioned that, I forgot to also mention Apple's competitors.

Behold, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei published a quick ad on Facebook playing with the supposedly flawed Face ID system and still using a clown image that also references the Animojis.

Let's face it, face recognition on for everyone. Unlock the future with #TheRealAIPhone. 10/16/2017

The big problem for Huawei, of course, is that it hinted that the problem was a flaw in Face ID itself, while it was a flaw in the team that prepared the Apple keynote that is not to be missed, in fact, but two completely different things.

In addition, as we are already seeing when we know Face ID in detail, it seems that Apple is bringing something light years to the market compared to any facial recognition system that exists today.

That said, of the two, one: either Huawei really also worked on a fantastic system to present on October 16 (at the launch of Mate 10), or that mockery could turn against it very soon. But no, don't expect any "response" from Apple to this. What it needs now to worry about getting enough iPhones X on the market by November 3rd. ?

via The Verge