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Huawei P40 rumor shows design of three models and six colors of smartphone

Initially scheduled for a presentation in Paris, Huawei was forced to direct the revelation and debut of the P40 to an online event, to be held on March 26th. Some online photos of the new model from the Chinese manufacturer have emerged, which will face the tough task of overcoming the champion in the field of photography, the P30. Its powerful 10X optical zoom has made it an authentic pocket binocular.

The rumors that have emerged reveal a smartphone with a slightly different design. The famous smartphone specialist Evan Blass released a curious image of the whole, revealing that the P40 can have a total of six different colors: light and dark gray, black, sea blue, pearl and white, when confirming the veracity of the image.

tek huawei p40

But if the image creates a kind of optical illusion of a rainbow, as if repeating the pattern twice, these serve to shuffle the three versions of the equipment. Note that there are two smartphones that have the flash position in different locations, that is, below the set of Leica sensors. These two models (black and white) have five sensors, one of them in a rectangular shape, which are the new periscopic chambers similar to the Samsung S20 recently launched.

Still looking closely at the other models, we can distinguish models with three sensors and others with four sensors (these also with a small periscope). In short, looking at the arch, from left to right, you can see the first four models with four sensors; the fifth with five chambers; and the rest, with the exception of 11 also with five, all have three sensors.

tek p40

With this composition, it is estimated that Huawei will maintain the three-segment scheme: the normal P30, Lite and Pro.