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How to sanitize your iPhone without destroying it

In times of pandemic, the instructions of the Ministry of Health are to take intensive care of personal hygiene, mainly hands and faces.

What not everyone remembers is that cell phone It can also become an instrument of contamination, as we touch it several times a day, including placing it close to the face when we make a phone call. We also support you on balconies and tables that may be infected.

For this reason, the ideal that we constant cleaning also from him, to minimize the chances of contagion.

Check out in this article some tips on how to clean your iPhone in the best way, without damaging it.

What NOT to do

First of all, know that you must not clean any electronic device in the same way that you clean your hands or a dishware.

You can?t just put your phone under the tap and apply soap, even if the manufacturer says it?s water resistant. This is because cleaning products are abrasives, and this destroys the seals of the devices, allowing water to enter the components and burn everything.

Remember that Apple's warranty never covered damages caused by liquids.

So don't be crazy to put your iPhone under the tap, because that's not how it is done. Also, do not immerse it in any bucket of bleach and avoid letting any moisture enter the appliance.

Also, do not use any product in the form of spray, aerosol or compressed air,as this ends up pushing everything into the cracks, which are more difficult to clean later.

Another major problem with abrasive products is that of destroying the oleophobic layer that exists on your iPhone screen. That is why it is important that you take care with the product you use.

In the pass alcohol gel on your iPhone. The product is good for your hands, but not for electronics.

Do not use toilet paper to clean the device screen. It leaves a lot of lint, abrasive and currently a product that is highly valued to be wasted. Paper towels are also abrasive.

And NEVER, NEVER clean the device with it on or connected to any wire.

How to clean your iPhone

so much you CANNOT do that the question probably remains: but after all, how is it possible to clean my iPhone?

There are two elements that are recommended by Apple itself to clean the iPhone: soft cloths lint-free and isoproplastic alcohol with a concentration of at least 70%.

Isopropyl alcohol is one of the most suitable for cleaning electronics because it has a low water concentration and, therefore, will have rapid evaporation. It can be found on the internet or in electronics stores.

With that in hand, follow the steps:

  • Turn off the device and disconnect any and all wires attached to it
  • If using a protective cap, remove it (it must also be cleaned separately)
  • Moisten the cloth in isoproplastic alcohol (without exaggeration) and wipe across the iPhone surface, front and back, without pressing. Take care that the appliance does not get too wet
  • Wait a few minutes before restarting the appliance, for the entire product to dry completely

This is enough for you to give the appliance a good disinfection. Repeat the procedure whenever necessary, but always take care not to overdo it.

As you can see, it is relatively simple to clean the exterior of your iPhone, as long as you use the correct products that do not damage the device.

In addition, take care of yourself, do not panic and wash your hands whenever you leave the house.