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Fourth WiFi4EU call delayed due to coronavirus

Due to the emergency measures that are being implemented across Europe, the European Commission has decided to postpone the fourth implementation of the WiFi4EU program, which was scheduled to take place between 17-18 March. The program allowed municipalities in the Member States to apply for investment vouchers, and due to the virus, not everyone could have equal opportunities to participate.

The European Commission will announce the next date in due time, after the normal return of all participating countries, informed the program's website.

It should be remembered that thanks to the WiFi4EU program, 84% of Portuguese municipalities had access to free wireless network installation vouchers in public places, that is, 254 have already been covered. There were only 54 national municipalities that would have at this stage an opportunity to access this community benefit.

In total, the financing of the municipalities that received the vouchers related to the 3 calls already made receives 3.8 million euros from this initiative, 15 thousand euros for each application, intended for the installation of free access wireless networks to be made available in public places. In total, 9,980 European Union municipalities have already received incentives from the WiFi4EU program.

The European initiative has the installation of free public Wi-Fi connections for citizens and tourists from 6,000-8,000 EU municipalities, in an investment of around 130 million euros.