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First beta version of iOS 10.3 may be released on January 10, with new “Theater mode”

Sonny Dickson avatarThe boy Sonny Dickson is back with his predictions, and the ball from time to time 10.3 of iOS.

He posted yesterday, on Twitter, that the first test compilation of iOS 10.3 should be released by Apple on the day January, 10 (a Tuesday). The information he obtained that the new version will have a new icon in the Control Center (Control Center) in ?popcorn format?, which activates a supposed new ?Theater mode? (?Theater mode?).

In response to tweets Dickson, users began to speculate what this would be and the biggest bet that may be the one expected Dark Mode (Dark Mode) coming to iOS to complement the existing j feature Night Shift. According to the 9to5Mac found, the internal code name of iOS 10.3 "Erie".

Soon after iOS 10.2 was released to everyone, it was certain that Apple would start a new beta phase of its mobile operating system. But, instead of iOS 10.3, what came was iOS 10.2.1 which is already in its second test compilation, by the way.

Due to the structure of the numbers, an iOS 10.2.1 will only come with bugfixes and general improvements; an iOS 10.3 already comes with visible news, sometimes quite significant. IOS 9.3, for example, came out in mid-March this year bringing precisely the Night Shift, Notes apps with password protection or Touch ID, plus data / graphs in the Sade app (Health), several new features in CarPlay, several new 3D Touch shortcuts in icons, new features focused on the educational segment (including login for multiple users on iPads), syncing iBooks libraries by iCloud and more.