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Europa calls for the participation of startups and SMEs capable of facing Covid-19

The European Commission (EC) is calling for startups and small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) with solutions to face the new Coronavirus to apply for the European Innovation Council Accelerator. In this round, the program will provide 164 million euros in support to companies in all areas, but the EC guarantees that it will seek to speed up the process of selected institutions that want to help fight the new epidemic. Interested parties have until March 18 to apply.

If you run a startup or SME capable of helping to improve treatment, conducting tests or monitoring aspects related to Coronavirus this appeal is for you. The European Innovation Council Accelerator is aimed at institutions in all areas, with no "priority" themes, but, at a particularly difficult time for European citizens in terms of public health, the EC admits to speeding up the funding process for winning projects in this area. area.

In the statement, the EC guarantees that this program is already supporting several startups and SMEs with technology capable of coping with the new Coronavirus, which received funding in previous rounds. This includes the EpiShuttle project, for specialized isolation units, the m-TAP project, for filtration technology to remove contaminated material, and the MBENT project, which aims to track human mobility during epidemics.

Since the virus arrived in Portugal in early March, there have been several measures introduced by the Government and by the companies themselves to face the epidemic. While the State promotes the use of online services to avoid contact during the Covid-19 pandemic, Portuguese companies are avoiding travel and meetings and are opting for telecommuting.