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Beta version of macOS Sierra now warns when screen brightness is consuming a lot of energy

O macOS Sierra most likely to be marked as the version of the desktop operating system that ended the user's ability to view the estimated time they still have to use their notebook powered by drums. Apple chose to withdraw the appeal alleging that the calculation of that time was not accurate. Yes, instead of correcting the way everything is calculated and offering an estimate more in line with reality, he decided to end it without a doubt the easiest and least interesting solution for us, users.

In the best ?knock and blow? style, the company has now given a little more attention to the resource ?Applications Using a Lot of Energy? and tried to include the information when the screen brightness is high enough to impact battery life.

macOS warning that the screen brightness is consuming a lot of energyImage: 9to5Mac

If you are using the notebook connected to a power source, the warning does not appear (even if you are using the maximum brightness); now, if you remove the power connector, the macOS 10.12.3 warn that the screen brightness is consuming a lot of energy if it is set to more than 75%; clicking on the warning, the system automatically decreases the brightness to just 75% (apparently, the maximum tolerated without causing major damage to the battery).

On iOS, Apple uses a similar method when reporting which apps and resources consume the most energy, including tips (such as reducing screen brightness) to make the battery last a little longer. On iPhones, however, there is the ?Low Energy Mode? feature, which limits network activity and system performance by turning off the push of emails, updating apps in the background / automatic downloads, the ?E a Siri? feature, reducing animations, brightness and even the speed of the device's cellular connection.

(via MacRumors)