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Astro HQ launches Astropad Studio, a more robust option for professionals to use the iPad as a tablet

In December 2015, we introduced the Astropad Graphics Tablet app, which turns any iPad into a graphics tablet (or nearly so). The app, which is now called Astropad Standard, remains firm and strong in the App Store, costing its $ 30 its ?mini? version, for iPhones and Apple Watches, also continues there (free). However, the family has now gained a new member: the Astropad Studio.

Astropad Studio

Astropad Standard is a version that anyone can use and already has amazing tools that work both over Wi-Fi and over USB. Astropad Studio is a more robust option, for use as they advertise more professionally.

In it, in addition to taking advantage of everything that the previous one has, there are also improvements in the pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil and the possibility of adjusting different touches to work as shortcuts, which greatly speeds up the work.

The speed of the previous apps was already good and, with this one, it got even better. The 5MB / s jumped to 40MB / s, allowing the interaction to be much more fluid. Another feature that was added in this version was support for the iPad's virtual keyboard and more options like undo, eraser, etc. to also contribute to your productivity.

But if you think that apps are only for drawing professionals, you are wrong! The way all Astropad apps work is really fantastic! It's basically an extension of your machine, as if you could have a Mac with a touchscreen! It is possible to adjust the interaction area, which can be the entire screen of your Mac or a specific area, focusing on a single app. So, you can use the touchscreen with any application, even those for video editing.

The only really free app, the ?mini? version, for iPhones. It is great for you who want to test and have a brief notion of how the software works. If you're sure you want the app, you can buy Astropad Standard for $ 30 or download for free (with a 7-day trial period), and subscribe to Studio for $ 8 / month or $ 65 / year.

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(via iMore)