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Application helps you find your lost AirPods [atualizado: removido da App Store]

You acquired the AirPods? Are you enjoying it? I, at least, am really enjoying the experience of having really wireless headphones!

We already introduced the product in this video and, soon, we will share a full review of it. But, at the outset, what I can say is that if you happen to lose one of the headphones (or both), you will have to shell out a good amount of money to purchase the replacement unit. So, good to try all the possibilities before throwing in the towel and confirm that your phone is gone, like tears in the rain.

One of these possibilities is the app Finder for Airpods:

Sorry, app not found.

We tested the app and have some caveats. The first is that it is far from perfect and actually serving as a * tracker * of lost AirPods. Let's say that it serves more to give you a north, an idea of ??which room or part of the house you have lost the device (s) as it uses the Bluetooth signal for this.

In my tests, for example, I hid one of the headphones on the couch and the other on the shelf (both in the living room). When moving around the house (kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom), despite being far from the headphones, the proximity indicator did not drop much less than half. And when he entered the room again, he was more or less there, in the middle; the thing really just changed when I actually approached the first phone I dialed to find. A, yes, the app indicated that I was very close to the phone.

The interface is not bad, but it could be better, more informative for example, to highlight more the fact that you are very close to the phone (change the screen, the color of the proximity sensor or emit some sound). There is also the natural limitation of the batteries of the headphones themselves, which last up to 5 hours (in use). If you lose those white pieces and only notice that they are gone many hours or days later, it may be too late (after all, they need to be turned on so they can be "tracked").

Still, the desperation to lose an expensive accessory like this is so big that I would say it is worth buying the app as that last alternative before giving up. #FikDik



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Update · 01/09/2017 s 10:23

The app has been removed from the store. According to the creator, Apple (without giving much explanation) simply did not like the idea of ??people locating their lost AirPods and considered the application ?not suitable for the App Store?.

(via MacRumors)