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Apple wants its MacBook Pro 3G prototype back

MacBook Pro 3G prototype sold on eBayDo you remember the MacBook Pro 3G prototype, with the MagSafe antenna and all?

It appeared on sale on eBay and reached an astronomical price of $ 70,000, but was removed from the auction site at Apple's own request. Now, the company has contacted Carl Frega, responsible for the announcement on the auction site, requesting the return of the machine.

The prototype carries a lot of history! Frega bought it at Craiglist (a kind of ?classified? online). He made some repairs to the machine and managed to resell it through the same website. The buyer took the MacBook Pro 3G and took it to an Apple Retail Store, where a Genius Bar employee analyzed the machine's hardware and refused to make any repairs, as several parts, such as logic board, optical drive, display , HDD and top case, among others, were not recognized as original. In addition, the machine's serial number was not valid.

MacBook Pro 3G Genius Bar

The prototype buyer sued (talk to what?) Frega, claiming to have received a fake machine. The latter was obliged to reimburse the buyer, taking the prototype again. Only after this episode did he put the machine on eBay.

After the buzz caused by the auction, Apple came on the scene. It is not yet known whether Ma would give Frega any kind of compensation after all, he paid for the product.

(via MacRumors)