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Apple creates another special achievement for Apple Watch users, now focused on 2017

Just over a month ago we announced that Apple created a special achievement for users of Apple Watch: it was the Thanksgiving Day Challenge. The achievement appeared in the Activity app and was won by people who took a minimum 5km hike on November 24th (whether using the Exercise app, the watch, or any other monitoring application that supports Health).

The company seems to have enjoyed the joke and will now offer another achievement this time wider, without being focused on an important date in the USA: I'm talking about Prosperous New Year's Challenge.


To win the special medal, users will have to complete the three circles of the Activity app, every day, for a week (from Monday to Sunday) in January. By doing this, in addition to the achievement, the person will also earn special stickers to use in the Messages application.

Notification of the achievement has not yet appeared in the Activity app, but it will appear from midnight on December 28th in some countries like Australia, for example, it has already appeared.

So you already know: get ready for a week of hiking in January and, if you still don't practice any physical activity, who knows, this might be a good time to start? ?

(via MacRumors)