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Analyst bets that iPhone with OLED screen will not have a white front and details Face ID technology

The most famous analyst in the world Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo (from KGI Securities), is back and with hot information about the rumored / desired iPhone with OLED screen.

According to him, the new iPhone finally has a black front in the colored models. This means that if you choose any color for the structure of the phone, the OLED screen will be properly hidden by the small black edges of the device instead of being highlighted by white coloring (as is the case today in silver, gold, rose gold iPhones it's red).

IPhone 8 mockupMockup of the new iPhone in color blush gold

According to Kuo, the ?iPhone X? screen cut like this for a simple reason: the huge amount of technology shipped there. He believes that the new 3D detection capabilities will be the main selling point of the ?iPhone X? and described exactly what exists there, just below the display: a light transmitter and receiver, a proximity sensor, a ambient light and a novelty front camera, even, we have light transmitters and receivers.

The light transmitter module consists of about six components: active alignment equipment, filter, level of wafer optical, optical diffraction element, VCSEL and a wafer epitaxial. The structured light receiver module includes four components: an IR lens, a filter, a CIS and a 1.4MP CMOS image sensor.

Kuo also explained how they work: structured light is used to collect depth information, integrating with 2D image data from the front camera to build the complete 3D image. As there are structured light transmitter and receiver distance restrictions (estimated between 50cm and 100cm), a proximity sensor is needed to remind users to adjust their iPhone to the ideal distance for 3D detection.

Excited to abandon Touch ID and embark on Face ID?