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After the supposed antenna, now the rear of the iPhone appears… ass, iPhone 4S [atualizado: agora a placa lógica!]

The next iPhone will be very similar to the current model, it will be completely different or both at this point in the championship, it is difficult to know what to believe. Yesterday we showed images of a supposed new antenna for the next Apple smartphone that will look like the current one, now the MacPost published a series of images of parts intended for such a device.

Below, for example, you can see the rear and the cable for the volume controls of the gadget:

Supposed rear of new iPhone

Note the marking on the inside.

Volume button connector for new iPhone

These parts, from Trumaxcn, bear the N94 mark, attributed to the next generation of the iPhone, equipped with an A5 processor. An analysis of the cable for the volume buttons further indicates that there may be changes in the internal design, but which were not specified.

The current confusion in the world of rumors really seems to have a single explanation: because they are released simultaneously, contrary to the rule until now, the iPhone and iPod touch of 2011 are putting the crazy rumors industry of life. My bet that the iPod touch 5G will be the case and the iPhone for ass it will be almost identical to the current one.

(via MacRumors)


And the images of parts for the new smartphone do not stop swarming on the internet: now it's time for AppleLeaks to bring a picture of the logical card of the next iPhone.

Alleged logic board of the new iPhone

Comparisons with the models currently on sale point out that the layout of the components is very similar to the iPhone CDMA (the circular cut at the bottom is a large track), but with a space for SIM chip. Now, the most succulent part: there is a large rectangular area likely for the A5 processor (the square A4).

(via MacRumors)