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Acer and ASUS commit to making PCs with Thunderbolt ports starting next year

cone - ThunderboltThunderbolt, the ultra-fast data transfer standard developed by Intel in partnership with Apple and first introduced with the MacBooks Pro launched in February, has just gained a boost in terms of adoption: according to IDG News, a Chipzilla announced that Acer and ASUS will be launching PCs with Thunderbolt ports next year with some luck, on Ultrabooks (the Windows version of the MacBook Air) from both companies.

to imagine that Intel is giving a boost to this goodwill, through the possible native support for Thunderbolt chipsets for Ivy Bridge processors. Anyway, the news is great for Mac owners who already have these ports: the more machines with Thunderbolt, no matter what the manufacturer, the more accessories will be available on the market.

The thing is to hope that the Thunderbolt will have a gentler destination than FireWire.

(via MacRumors)