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YouTube monetises videos about new coronavirus

In February, some creators on YouTube realized that videos about coronaviruses on the platform were being marked as "sensitive content", causing doubt on the content creators on the platform. Shortly thereafter, Tom Leung, director of product management at YouTube, confirmed that videos talking about Covid-19 would be demonetized in the second order. The justification was that the pandemic was classified as a global health crisis (same category of natural disasters, tragic events and terrorist acts). Now, YouTube is back and some videos talking about the virus could be monetized.

WhatsApp and the Ministry of Health are partnering against the coronavirus (See how to download)

Some content producers were avoiding commenting directly. The Linus Tech Tips channel, for example, to circumvent the restrictions of the Google platform, used the strategy of not mentioning the words "virus", "coronavirus" or "disease", yet it spoke of the impact of the disease in the world of computers.

YouTube has taken more care before showing ads on videos from the platform's producers, after all, advertisers do not want to have their brands associated with disinformation videos, with inappropriate language or content that is considered sensitive. The website makes this determination through an analysis that involves the words used in the recording and even the description of the video.

It is becoming clear that this issue is now an important and ongoing part of the daily conversation, and we want to ensure that news organizations and creators can continue to produce quality videos in a sustainable way.Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO in note

Sausan Wojcicki says that only news channels and a limited number of them that accurately self-certify themselves will be able to display advertisements on the content. This means that, in addition to the automatic review, YouTube relies on the collaboration of the creator to learn more about the video. If the content owner does not agree with the mark established for him, he can contest and ask for a manual review.

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