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WhatsApp should exchange Apple emojis by its own standard, which is … almost the same as Apple's

Think about it: emojis just our contemporary Tower of Babel. Theoretically, they should have a universal communication standard by which people from the most different parts of the world, speaking the most different languages, would understand each other; in practice, these standards, such as ?confused face? or ?face with zipper mouth?, just get mixed up in different interpretations by each company. Take, for example, the striking differences of the ?worried face? between the platforms. They don't communicate the same thing! This is a serious problem and we need to talk about it.

I, for example, am part of the group of approximately nine people who preferred the newly murdered deformed emojis, but sympathetic to Android; recognize, however, that the most recognized standard around the world interntico the da Apple, perhaps due to the ubiquity of iPhones and the fact that Whatsapp have adopted it for a long time as a standard on all platforms where this is present, no matter where you use the instant messenger, be dealing with Apple emojis.

Well, not in a certain way now.

As seen by the Emojipedia, in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, the messenger exchanged the traditional Apple emojis for his own standard, designed in-house. The good part (or bad, or funny, depending on the point of view)? They are basically just like Ma's stickers, showing that the messenger has only changed enough to have a package to call his own instead of having to rely on third party designs.

Take a look at some of the comparisons:

New Whatsapp emojis

New Whatsapp emojis

While some of the emojis will have noticeable changes (that of the hearts instead of the eyes, for example, it seems significantly more passionate than before), others remain basically the same; unaware that they will open WhatsApp in the near future, therefore, they will be in a state of mild mental confusion in which things look the same but at the same time appear to have changed completely. Let?s be warned.

The changes, of course, are not yet definitive as they appeared only in the messenger beta for Android, they are still susceptible to many changes and even to a complete disposal, although I don't see much sense in that. When they come to see the light of day, obviously they will also reach iPhone users after all, WhatsApp values ??the standard among platforms above all.

What did you think?

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via Cult of Mac