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WaterMinder is the newest “Free App of the Week”, enjoy!

Every Thursday, Apple chooses an iOS app or game as its own Free app of the week. This time the one selected was the WaterMinder, by the way, today's highlight in our offers column.

WaterMinder app icon

Get help with WaterMinder, an easy and intuitive application to track your water intake. Based on your body weight or your personal goal, WaterMinder will remind you to drink water to achieve your daily goals. When viewing your current water intake as a percentage, you will instantly know your hydration level!

Keeping up with your daily water intake needs and making sure your body stays well hydrated is not an easy task in today's busy world. Let WaterMinder help you!

Stay healthy, and drink more water. Hydrate yourself!

Check out a video that shows a little of how the app works:

WaterMinder usually costs $ 3 on the App Store, so enjoy! ?