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Toshiba goes beyond Retina screens and launches display with almost 500 pixels per inch

Have you ever thought about having a TV with 2560 × 1600 pixels? Yes, with more pixels than a 27-inch iMac! It would be cool, wouldn't it? How about a tablet? How about a 6 inch tablet with this resolution? Toshiba has just announced a new type of LCD capable of this feat: it makes a Retina display look like crude embroidery done by hand. There is GPU, to put up with one of these

498ppi Toshiba screen498ppi Toshiba screen

At 498ppi, this screen developed by Toshiba displays 61% of the NTSC color gamut (16.7 million colors) at angles of up to 176 with 1000: 1 contrast. The images reproduced in it are so realistic that, despite being 2D, they can give a sensation of unique depth without mentioning that, with such a density, it would allow the manufacture of auto-stereoscopic screens (3D without glasses) with acceptable resolutions. Such screens will be demonstrated at the FPD International 2011, from 26 to 28 October.

The images above are a notion of the power of a screen with so many pixels (I need to open them in another tab or window), but I already imagine that such a thing would look beautiful, beautiful in a iGadget maybe even a day in d to see Full HD 1080p video on an iPod nano? The future holds promise, especially since Apple and Toshiba are now BFFs.

Ooouuul, iPad Retina!

(via Electronist)