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Tim Cook meets President of France and talks about education, taxes in Europe and more

According to French websites and reported, the CEO of Apple (Tim Cook) met today with the President of France (Emmanuel Macron).

The details of the meeting were reported on the website iPhoneAddict, who stated that, among several subjects, Macron and Cook talked about education, taxation and the global economy during the meeting.

In relation to education, Ma would have the intention of expanding the ?Everybody Can Program? initiative so that it reaches France.

Earlier today, a rumor also emerged, which materialized with the meeting: Apple plans to open an incubator in one of the largest entrepreneurship centers in Europe, the Station F, which is also considered the largest unit for startups of the world. There are no further details, however, possibly Ma has a small team there to help developers, especially in the creation and validation of applications.

Station FEmmanuel Macron at the opening of Station Fin June | Credit: @joinstationf

In addition, the two discussed how they can improve Apple's relationship with French suppliers, as well as working with new partners on future products.

Perhaps the most sensitive part has been left for last: taxes in Europe. The French president has led his country and Germany to call for an ?aggressive review? of how technology companies pay taxes across the European Union. Therefore, one of the topics of the conversation was about the need for these to contribute to the economy in the countries where they operate.

Although the conversation was "constructive", without interruption, both agreed that the matter will not end in France, but with an agreement decreed by the European Union.

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In addition to enjoying his stay in the country to meet with the president, Cook is touring several places in France:

Thanks to my friends at Eldim, a team of talented engineers and craftsmen who help make the iPhone possible. A ?bravo? for your work! ??

Ma's CEO visited the Eldim company, which is focused on producing optical solutions and has worked with Apple for several years. More recently, however, it is responsible for one of the most important components of Face ID, present in the iPhone X.

Then Cook went to the Normandy Cemetery and Memorial, a resting place for more than 9,300 American soldiers who fought in World War II.

In Normandy, honoring those who fought to the death. ?Don't just think about your deaths. Remember the glory of your spirits. ?

The CEO also met with some My Little Paris entrepreneurs to apparently exchange ideas and eat a few things (or at least pose for photos mega natural).

Surprise visit from @tim_cook! The CEO of @Apple shared a roast chicken on #MyLittleParis to celebrate our 11 apps.

Glad to meet this team of entrepreneurs from @my_little_paris, whose success was born out of creativity and passion.

Cook also met with some developers at ManoMaya SA and congratulated them on the success of their Coach Guitar app.

Very impressed with the experience at @CoachGuitar. Congratulations on the 6M downloads! We can't wait to see what you guys do next.

The CEO is still there, so there may still be some official announcements or even pictures of the cooker strolling and meeting with developers and partners.

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