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Samsung opens new lawsuits against Apple in Japan and Australia

She lost in Holland, but continues to try in several other countries like France, Italy and South Korea.

Ace Attorney - Miles and Samsung

According to The Wall Street Journalnow courts in Tokyo (Japan) and New South Wales (Australia) have also received requests from the Sammy to ban sales of the iPhone 4S in their respective countries. In Japan the most extensive thing, also affecting the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, Samsung claims that Ma is infringing patents related to 3G technologies (HSPA) in addition to three inventions related to the user interface (airplane mode icon, App menu) Store and use of spaces on the home screen). According to the company, these are vital elements of its products.

In the Australian case, Apple would be infringing patents for 3G standards (WCDMA technologies), that is, the same type of lawsuit it lost in the Netherlands is very likely that it will lose this one too.

We are fighting back again. Apple continues to infringe our patents, using our technologies freely. We will no longer be crossed arms, we will protect our intellectual property ?, said a spokesman for the Sammy.

We will see if Qualcomm's help request resolves once and for all these processes related to 3G technologies. In Japan, the accusation is new. While I don't think the claim is, in fact, vital to Samsung's products, we will see what it gives.

(via Electronist)