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Renders already imagine what a future “iPhone X Plus” will look like, with a 6.46 inch screen

O iPhone X it hasn't even hit the market yet, but obviously the rumors can't stop.

Ten days ago, we brought here a rumor that Apple would intend to launch, in 2018, a second iPhone X model with 6.46 inches. Physically, it would be a device with dimensions similar to those of the iPhones 6s Plus, 7 Plus and 8 Plus with its current 5.5 inch screens.

Based on that, the website iDropNews conceived some renders showing how to stay this ?IPhone X Plus?.

IPhone X Plus Render

In practice, however, renders do not show so much after all, just an iPhone X with a larger screen for those who prefer. ?

IPhone X Plus Render

Fortunately, unlike the current Plus models, the guys in the iDropNews they did not imagine any change in the rear camera of this ?iPhone X Plus?. Which wouldn't even make sense, after all, the iPhone X already has a top-of-the-line dual system.


?IPhone X Plus? concept with iPhone X


People are also showing interest in a smaller model, perhaps 5.28 inches. In this case, it would have physical dimensions more similar to those of the iPhones 5 and 5s that many love. An ?iPhone X mini?, who knows? ?

I personally resisted the Plus size for two years. Not only did he find it a ?bummer?, as he didn't see much of an advantage on the bigger screen and more capacity battery. I just convinced myself to migrate on the iPhone 7 Plus, due to the dual camera system with Portrait Mode.

Nowadays I got quite used to his dimensions, but I'm super curious to see what I will find on the iPhone X. I think I will be the best of all worlds; at least for now, the idea of ??this ?iPhone X Plus? doesn't fill my eyes. And what do you think?