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Reminder: On iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, you can now share your paid iCloud space with your family

Newly released to the general public, the iOS 11 it's the macOS High Sierra 10.13 incorporate yet another novelty that may have been overlooked by many of you.

In early June, after the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) opening keynote, Apple doubled the capacity of the $ 10 monthly plan of the iCloud, which now offers 2TB. With that, his official prices are like this today:

Plan5 GB50 GB200 GB2 TB
PriceFree$ 1 / ms$ 3 / ms$ 10 / ms

But that was not all she did. From the new systems, the two higher capacity plans (200GB and 2TB) can now be included within Family Sharing.

To activate this, open the Settings and enter your account area, l at the top. A, v in Family Sharing iCloud Storage and follow the quick step by step.

After activated, members of your family who did not pay for iCloud (that is, who only had 5GB in the cloud) will automatically be able to use the shared space. Those who paid for space may be notified and then migrate to the new family plan, failing to pay their monthly fees.

Here at home, for example, I already had a 200GB plan while my wife had a 50GB plan. However, of my 200GB only 120GB were occupied. That is, I will stop paying her $ 1 monthly and we will still have plenty of space to share between us. Nice, huh?

Now, Apple just needs to stop being mean and increase (considerably) those free 5GB it offers in iCloud. so little nowadays that it was better not to offer anything