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Recent updates on the App Store: Apple support, Snapchat, Google apps, Tweetbot and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

Apple Support app icon

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Snapchat app icon

Redesign of the app, totally new look!

Gmail app icon: Google email

Messages sent now include your Gmail for web subscription, unless a mobile device subscription has been defined in the settings.

Hangouts app icon

Support for video call chat.

Google Translate app icon

Translator camera (English to / from Japanese), background audio problem fixed, various bug fixes and usability improvements.

Google Docs app icon

Change the page orientation, paper size or page color in ?Configure Page?; insert headers, footers and page numbers; bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Sheets app icon

Edit the borders with solid, dashed or dotted lines; bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Street View app icon

View recent automatic connections in the "Statistics" panel, many improvements to the user interface and bug fixes.

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter app icon

Fixed an issue where the mothers stopped reloading; videos under 6.5 seconds are now played in loop, as in all of Twitter.

VSCO app icon: Photo and Video Editor

Now also available for iPads (RAW capable for iPad mini 4 and Air 2 onwards), larger images on feed and more.

Wire ? Secure Messenger app icon

Collection view to quickly see all images, videos, links and files posted in a chat; securely share content from any app to Wire.

ICQ app icon - Messaging and Video Chat

The video chat interface is now more user friendly, and the masks are also faster even on older devices.

Tumblr app icon

Many stickers and filters to give a special touch to your photos and GIFs. You can use the stickers, filters and text overlaid on the GIFs you create with the iMessage extension or on the Tumblr message.

WordPress app icon

Now the editors' menu clearly shows what is happening (publishing a post, saving a draft, etc.); many improvements in the ?Reader?.

Onefootball app icon - Football News

Addition of 20 competitions for Brazil and Latin America.

Newton Mail - Email App app icon

Integration with Wunderlist and Instapaper, improvements to the button to get out of a subscription list; customization of the toolbar action sequence, more details on the reading receipts and several corrections.

TV Time app icon: Follow Series & Movie

You can now translate comments from other languages ??into yours; ?Explore? is easier to access so you can discover new series more often.

Shazam app icon

Now you can read the Shazam codes with your camera. Touch the camera icon on the Shazam home screen to find out more!

Infuse 6 app icon

Search the folder and library, support for videos in DVD format (ISO / IMG, VIDEO_TS and .dvdmedia), streaming NFS, view by release date and more.

Infuse Pro 5 app icon

Ditto the previous one, in its Pro version.

YouTube Studio app icon

Content creators can now add and edit custom thumbnails on mobile devices. In YouTube Analytics, there are now more options for periods of data analysis.

Sorry, app not found.

New Spotify navigation (explore new releases, playlists, genres and moods), support to slide your finger and fast forward / rewind a video even on the Lock Screen and Control Center.

Sorry, app not found.

Ditto the previous one with the addition of a new app for the Apple Watch, improvements in the audio output of iPhones, among others.

Sorry, app not found.

Ditto the previous one, in verse for iPads.

AmpMe - Speaker Booster app icon

More social: now you can see a list of everyone who joined your parties.

ProCam 7 app icon

Added an ISO priority option.

Readdle Calendars 5 app icon

Widget updated.

Tapatalk app icon - 200,000+ Forums

Split screen support (Split View) from iPads, removal of split screen support at the application level so that you can no longer split the topic and display two posts on the same screen, improving the user experience to facilitate the creation of new discussions and better search results and experience discovery to make it easier to find the groups you're looking for.

Contacts + app icon | Address Book

Simplified menu, tags moved to a tags separate, contact sources have now been moved to the page tags and more.

Real Racing 3 app icon

Two hot hatches arrived at the tracks of Real Racing 3! The most powerful compact car in the world, the Mercedes-AMG A 45, and the versatile Renault Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R, arrived with a limited series; drive the Lamborghini Huracn LP 610-4 and Ford Shelby GT350R, reborn as R3 variants, with enhanced attributes and unique visuals; win the elegant Porsche 911 RSR on the return of the Dempsey LTS Challenge; make the most of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S to unlock the new exclusive series, plus earn more gold and fame.

Jetpack Joyride app icon

Experience the colors and sounds of the Chinese New Year with beautiful lanterns, snaking banners, festive coins and an impressive new soundtrack! Spread good luck and happiness with a new package, which features skin of Drago Chins, the Fire Jet, the Mandarin Costume and many coins!