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Reading tip: the lessons behind Steve Jobs' patents

Bill Buxton, a former researcher at Xerox PARC and now a leading developer at Microsoft Research, wrote an article for Fortune Management in which he noted that Steve Jobs was listed as the inventor of 313 patents, 30 of whom were the main creator.

Bill Buxton

But, contrary to what many people may think, and based on Buxton's own experience, Jobs's participation in this process is, in fact, credible. He added: ?Apple would be stupid to name someone, even more high-profile like Steve, if that person hadn't made a legitimate contribution. Doing so could not only invalidate the patent, but would also give the company a negative exposure. Apple is a lot, but stupid is not one of them. ?

Speaking specifically of design, we know that what comes out of Cupertino is often used as an inspiration for the competition, Jobs has more than 200 patents related to the subject. However, it is clear that Jonathan Ive was responsible for the development of the products, and this, according to Buxton, shows that "it is necessary to have a senior design executive, and they need to be engaged at the maximum level".

What does Buxton want to go through with this message? What executives need to know their weaknesses and strengths, making sure that all land is covered. Buxton further recommends that executives study the way Jobs managed the delegation of other business tasks, while working with Ive and his design team. "Take this as an example to manage things that are outside your comfort zone, such as design" after all, in every executive (much less CEOs) who has skills like Jobs.

The researcher concluded with the following thought: ?Steve Jobs was not a designer. Nor has it ever been described as such. He always talked about Apple's success in healing, shaping the user experience. I think it's a great place. And so, while I don't consider him a designer, I believe that he is certainly one of the greatest curators I have ever known or have knowledge of. And for that, he always had my respect. ?

Coming from a researcher at Xerox PARC who describes himself, among other things, as an advocate of innovation and design and we know its importance for Jobs and Apple, certainly another great compliment for the one who was the best CEO of the latter 50, 100 years, according to Google's chief executive, Eric Schmidt.

(via AppleInsider)