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Quietly, Apple updates the AirPods firmware to version 3.5.1

Apple today released an update for AirPods.

The update is done automatically and silently, the probability that you have already updated without knowing, for example, is great. That's because you just need to recharge the charging case with the AirPods inside; if your iPhone is close (and with access to a Wi-Fi network), the update done automatically is at least what it said mikern, who discovered the update and published it on Reddit.

AirPods firmware update

The new version of firmware, even by the numbering (3.5.1), it indicates that it is "only" bug fixes found by the company after the headphones were finally made available for sale. Since then, some problems such as excessive battery consumption (headphones and case) and connectivity with iPhones 6s / 6s Plus have arisen around the world. Who knows, now, everything is working the way it should.

It's something we didn't even know was possible (updating AirPods); on the other hand, neither can we even consider it a big surprise considering that even some Apple adapters can receive updates of this type.

Let's hope that Apple, through an update, implements new gestures for AirPods (three or four rings, for example). ?



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