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New part numbers in Apple inventory indicate that MacBooks Pro may be updated soon

Information obtained today by 9to5Mac indicate that MacBooks Pro may receive an update soon, maintaining the same structure as two 13-inch models, two 15-inch and one 17-inch models.

MacBooks Pro Family

According to them, the following part numbers recently appeared in Apple's inventory: K90IA (13 ?), K91A (15 ?) and K92A (17 ?). Given the structure of the codes, you can imagine that the update would be routine, with no major news beyond expected upgrades in processor, memory and / or graphics chipset.

A few days ago, we at MacMagazine received the information that the entry model of the MacBook Pro was going out of line yet another indication that this update is yet to come. In contact with Apple Brazil, she did not confirm anything about it.

For now, all MacBook Pro models are listed as "in stock" at the Apple Online Store, including the Brazilian one.