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“Live on Instagram” feature is now available for Brazilian users

We have news for users of Instagram who are enjoying the latest releases from the social network. The resource for live broadcast, launched two months ago, is finally available to Brazilian users.

Live streaming on Instagram

To start a broadcast (the resource is called ?Live on Instagram?), just go to the screen to create a story and select the option ?LIVE?. The app will then indicate that you have initiated a transmission and some of your contacts will receive a notification so that they can follow everything. It is possible to add comments on the transmissions and the owner of the transmission can pin one of them for everyone to see, too. A curatorship of the most popular broadcasts at that time will be shown in the ?Explore? tab.

The big difference from the live broadcast from Instagram to that of other services (Periscope, Facebook, etc.) is that things in the old social photo network are ephemeral, the video of the broadcast is not available after its termination. According to the developers, this is a way to encourage users to be uninhibited in front of the cameras and simply be fun.

The new feature is available for both iOS and Android users. To do this, you need to be running the latest version of the app (on iOS, 10.4 released today).

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(via @macmasi)