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Japanese operator KDDI will start selling iPhones from 2012

If even in the United States, Apple already has more than one operator as a partner in iPhone sales (three in the future, with the possible arrival of Sprint), why would it be different in other countries? Today, only Japan and China still sell Ma's smartphone only through one operator, but it looks like China will be alone in this story (or not).

Flag of Japan - iPhone 4

The Japanese newspaper The Nikkei states that, as of 2012, the operator KDDI to join SoftBank in sales of iPhone in Japanese territory. Regardless of whether the iPhone 5 will be launched in October or 2012, as some rumors have pointed out, the operator still needs time to make some adjustments to its network, which makes it impossible for it to launch before the beginning of next year.

SoftBank always sold very well in the country and had great results, but with the expansion of smartphones equipped with Android by the operators NTT DoCoMo and KDDI, Apple needs to open more fronts in the country. Now, think with me: if SoftBank came to offer fully subsidized iPhones 4 in its launch, imagine when the competition increases over there! It will be a catch it handsome and who wins, of course, are only consumers.

(via AppleInsider)