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iPhone 4S supports Bluetooth 4.0 standard, bringing several possibilities for the new Apple smartphone

Bluetooth spherical iconLike the new MacBooks Air and Macs mini, the iPhone 4S brought the Bluetooth 4.0 standard with it. Much more versatile and efficient than the previous version, it can enable RFID / NFC applications without the need for additional hardware, such as the new Broadcom chip family.

Does the iPhone 4S have more functions than the ones announced yesterday by Phil Schiller during the event Let?s talk iPhone? Maybe a surprise related to Bluetooth 4.0 will not appear in the near future without the need for hardware updates, just updating iOS 5.x over-the-air? See other possible implementations highlighted by MacRumors:

  • Find Me: applications linked to the user's location;
  • Proximity: wireless lock and unlock, in addition to being able to be alerted when leaving a specific area;
  • Sports / running / health: statistics and vital signs, heart monitoring, blood pressure and glucose monitoring.

As we can see, the options are great and able to see interesting things coming up in the short / medium term. We will be attentive.