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IHS iSuppli dissects iPhone 4S and finds neither Siri nor Samsung memories inside it

The folks at iFixit have already disassembled an iPhone 4S, turning it inside out, but for educational purposes the guys intend to create guides for technical assistance and enthusiasts who like to disassemble their own gadgets. At IHS iSuppli, however, the goal of disassembling these is quite different: at the analysis firm, we try to estimate the cost of each part of the smartphone and know where it comes from, given that Apple is testing its partners to present themselves as such.

iPhone 4S at iFixit

Voile: the analysis was done in the smallest details and it was found that the hardware of Ma's newest cell phone costs from US $ 188 to US $ 245, depending on the amount of memory. In other words, Chris Whitmore missed a lot, with the kick he gave a few days ago.

IPhone 4S components and prices - IHS iSuppli

And speaking of memory, it is curious to note that the origin of this component in the device that iSuppli disassembled the Hynix Semiconductor. Taking into account that iFixit found memories of Toshiba in her gadget, you can imagine that Apple's relationship with Samsung must have been bitter in this field, even though the Korean company continues to supply A5 chips and may be ready to produce the A6. Extra curiosity: the iPhone 4S does not have a chip dedicated to noise cancellation, most likely because the A5 absorbed this task.

The camera, however, seems to be a little more mysterious than we imagined: yes, there is a Sony mark on it, but that could mean that only the CMOS sensor is from the Japanese firm. The module itself may well be the work of some other company, such as OmniVision or Largan Precision.

Whoever it may be, at an estimated cost of $ 17.60 per unit, it should pay a lot of money: iSuppli expects 81 million iPhones 4S to be sold in 2012.

(via AllThingsD)