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Here we go again: Apple offers first beta versions of iOS 10.3, macOS Sierra 10.12.4 and tvOS 10.2 for developers [atualizado 11x]

The version that everyone expected has just entered the testing phase: the first beta compilation of the iOS 10.3 (14E5230e) for developers, along with the first of the macOS Sierra 10.12.4 (16E144f), from tvOS 10.2 (14W5222d) and the Xcode 8.3 (8W109m).

IOS 10.3 was originally expected on January 10 and may be bringing a supposed new ?Theater Mode? ("Theather Mode"), as previously reported by Sonny Dickson. We'll know in a little while if this really came. (Update: apparently, nothing. See the post updates below.)

The first big news about iOS 10.3 that has emerged was reported by Wall Street Journal: she is called Find My AirPods!

Find My AirPods

The feature is, of course, within the Find My iPhone app (Find My iPhone) and obviously allow users to find their lost AirPods, even being able to make a loud sound remotely and choosing whether to mute the left or right part in the meantime (not least because it shouldn't be pleasant to play that sound with one of them in their ear). No wonder that Apple recently removed that third-party app from the App Store that did something similar. ?

O MacRumors already reported that the macOS Sierra 10.12.4 also comes with a great novelty: the mode Night Shift, which came to iOS about a year ago. It probably came to kill the f.lux app, which has been offering the same functionality on Macs for years (long before the feature came to iOS, by the way).

Gradually, we will update this article with more news that have been discovered. Stay tuned! ?

Update · 01/24/2017 s 16:28

Interesting technical novelty in iOS 10.3: when installed, the file system of iPads, iPhones and iPods touch will be updated to the new Apple File System (APFS) and there's no going back.

We covered APFS in detail in this article. For now, there is no sign of the same occurring on Macs.

Update II · 01/24/2017 s 16:33

O Ars Technica detailed other news coming with iOS 10.3, including support for payments on framework SiriKit, scheduling rides for apps like Uber, 3D Touch information on the weather icon within the Maps app (with horrible forecasts), shortcut to apps commonly used in CarPlay, expanded support for light switches in HomeKit, enhancements to Asian languages and more.

Apparently, no ?Theater Mode?, dark mode or anything yet. ?

Update III · 01/24/2017 s 16:38

Both iOS 10.3 and macOS Sierra 10.12.4 will come with Safari 10.1, including news like CSS Grid Layout, Fetch, IndexedDB 2.0, Custom Elements, , Deep Colors in CSS, form validation, improved position: fixed, support for reduced iOS motion adjustment, Pointer Lock, Gamepads, etc.

Update IV · 01/24/2017 s 16:41

Big, big news for developers:

IOS 10.3 will not only bring a new API so that apps can be rated / evaluated without the user having to go to the App Store, as for the first time Apple allows developers respond to reviews posted on the store including on the Mac App Store! This was a complaint for years about the App Store. Finally, Apple! ?

Developers will only be able to ask for reviews in an app, at most, three times in a period of one year (if the person denies it for the third time or has already done a review, they will no longer be "harassed"); Another novelty is that, when pressing with more force (3D Touch) a review, the user can mark it as "useful".

Update V · 01/24/2017 s 16:46

And look at that guy ?Theater Mode?:

Developer / hacker Steven Troughton-Smith found a reference to it in Apple's documentation as a novelty of watchOS 3.1.3, made available yesterday to all users (the function itself, however, is not yet visible to users). And, it seems, it has nothing to do with what we expected at the time of the Dickson leak, being something designed to be used, for example, when you are in the cinema and you want to prevent the watch screen from lighting up unintentionally.

O tweet his also indicates that the SiriKit get to watchOS 3.2, with all its possibilities already offered on iOS.

Update VI · 01/24/2017 s 16:57

O 9to5Mac shared screenshots showing news inside the Settings app, like a new area at the top dedicated to Apple ID user experience (encompassing iCloud, iTunes / App Stores, Family Sharing and more), as well as an option that will allow us to disable ratings / ratings on apps Update IV).

Update VII · 01/24/2017 s 17:01

Here is the sound emitted by Find My AirPods (video captured by Marcelo Melo):

Update VIII · 01/24/2017 s 17:15

Here is a screenshot of the setup screen of Night Shift on macOS, which is within the Monitors System Preferences:

Night Shift on macOS Sierra 10.12.4 betaImage: Marcelo Melo

They are basically the same settings as possible on iOS.

Update IX · 01/24/2017 s 18:04

Another new feature for iOS app developers:

As Apple details in this documentation, apps can now exchange your cones dynamically. The purposes for this should be of the most varied, but cool Apple is opening something that only she had access to before (like the Calendar icon, which always shows the current date).

Update X · 01/24/2017 s 18:05

The iCloud storage screen now has a cute graphic of your space usage, just like we have for years on iTunes and OS X macOS:

Update XI, by Eduardo Marques · 01/26/2017 s 16:11

The first test versions of iOS 10.3 and macOS Sierra 10.12.4 are now available to participants of the Apple Beta Software Program.