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Estimated cost of parts for the manufacture of iPhones 8/8 Plus has risen compared to previous models

Every year, the research firm IHS Markit analyzes and estimates the individual cost of components used in the manufacture of iPhones. And she has just released the figures she found in relation to the two models that have already reached the market.

According to IHS, Apple is spending $ 247.51 in parts to manufacture a 64GB iPhone 8, while spending $ 237.94 for a 32GB iPhone 7 last year. In the case of the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB, the value jumps to $ 288.08, against $ 270.88 from the previous one.

Only the new cameras of the devices cost Apple $ 32.50, according to IHS. The A11 Bionic chip is also $ 5 more expensive to produce than its predecessor, the A10 Fusion.

Obviously, as we know, this cost increase has also resulted in higher final prices for consumers. The iPhone 8 now starts at $ 699 in the United States (up from $ 649), while the iPhone 8 Plus starts at $ 799 (up from $ 769).

It is good to make it clear that the values ??presented here cover only the parts used in manufacturing. On top of that still comes labor, packaging, shipping, insurance, research and development, marketing and a number of other things taken into account before calculating the profit margin that Apple actually has on every iPhone sale. .

The manufacturing cost of the iPhone X is expected to be much higher than this, mainly due to its 5.8 ? OLED screen and the TrueDepth facial recognition system.

via Bloomberg