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Do you want to put an end to those bills and organize the bills to be paid? Meet the paperwork app!

Technology has been contributing significantly to the environment. For some time now, several companies have been using invoices, bills and other types of digital documents instead of sending you a paper version that would only accumulate garbage in your home.

However, this has not yet reached all companies and, if we look around us, we will find physical and digital accounts that, for obvious reasons, are kept in different places. If clutter takes over us, we could end up getting lost in the mountain of outstanding accounts and paying interest simply because we forget the due date of an account. So, you think: It would be great if there was a solution to all this! Because now it has and it's called paperwork.

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Imagine you receiving all your digital accounts in one place, * automatically *? It seems inconceivable, but the Brazilian Leonardo Moraes managed to make this happen through several partnerships that grow every day with companies and even city halls.

To receive your invoices, accounts, bills and everything else in the app, just make a new registration, sign in with your Facebook or Google account, and include your CPF in Your Account. Then, everything that has been registered with the CPF again, appears in the paperwork. For your safety, you still have an option to check recent activity and, if you see anything suspicious, you can contact them.

There are two ways to add accounts to the app: the first automatically and the second guess what! , manually. The first option occurs when you include your CPF and the issuing agency already partner with the app. So, whenever an account arrives, it will already have all the relevant data for you, as well as be categorized and with the correct recurrence. When it is about to expire or even if the agency does not publish the account at the correct time (which happens), the system will notify you about it to try to avoid unwanted interest.

paperwork app

If the issuing agency is still in the app partner or if you receive something physical, you can manually add the account. Just touch the + icon and take a picture of the entire document (it is possible to add multiple pages, either from accounts with detailed information or documents). In the web version it is also possible to upload PDF files and, although you can add as many documents as you like, there is a monthly limit of 10MB (for now).

After recognizing the barcode number, value and expiration, you can change the date to remind you before you even expire. Then, you need to enter the name of the issuing agency (if not already identified) and the description. You will also need to choose a specific category (home, family, education, health) and also select the recurrence of that account: only this time, every month or once a year. Thus, if it is within the second or third options, you will receive alerts advising you that it is necessary to add the new account to the system and pay it.

On the home screen, you will see a timeline with all your accounts with the following status: new (blue), expired (red), shared (green) and rescheduled (purple). The sharing option is incredible! It is for you to receive or share other people's accounts. It is possible to send an account to someone who is not registered in the paperwork, but the person will only see the attached document. However, if both are in the app, everyone will receive alerts, payments and will be able to enjoy more robust sharing options.

When sharing a document once with someone who is also registered in the app, for example, the system asks if you would like to do it once, share all future accounts of that specific organ with you or all that person's accounts with you. Thus, managing family accounts is much better and more practical!

Crumpled sheets of paper with the design of a lamp (idea) at the end

Another great feature of the app is ?Expense Analysis?. In this area, you can see how much you spent / spend today, in the coming weeks and months, in addition to being able to access a complete chart with the whole year and also filter by category and subcategory.

You can also pay directly through the app or through the website, which will redirect you to your bank. Unfortunately, the option to automatically mark the account as paid is not yet available but is something that is in the company's plans. Therefore, you need to change the status of each account in order to pay manually.

What is also in the plans of the app is the option of adding a PDF document from the app and also the creation of a version exclusively for iPads. Something that I personally hope very much that in the next versions comes the possibility to type the numbers of the barcode (as does Nubank), instead of having to take a photo.

There is still space for many partnerships, but several city halls already provide IPTU in the app. The idea is really fantastic and well done; if you want to try it out, you can download the paperwork for free from both the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android).