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Check out this Apple Music concept, which “steals” several new features from the new App Store

The arrival of iOS 11 brought some nice changes, mainly for the App Store (which modified the layout of tabs, as well as added a brand new one called ?Today?, where you can discover news, interviews with developers and lists of apps).

The Apple music app has just received a few tweaks here and there, probably because it received a major makeover last year, with the arrival of iOS 10.

Admired by the new App Store and dissatisfied to see the Apple Music just like a year ago, the design student and our reader Gustavo Gonalves redesigned the music app to look and feel more in line with the app store today.

Check out the concept below:

Concept of a new Apple Music, by Gustavo Gonalves

The first tab would be, just like in the App Store, entitled ?Today? and would bring information previously presented in the ?For You? tab. However, in the form of cards which would have the playlists, recommendations based on what you and / or your friends hear, your favorite Beats 1 programs, releases, among others.

In addition, every day would have new indications for you and, if you like something to hear later, you could fix the card at the top of your list.

Concept of a new Apple Music, by Gustavo Gonalves

Another novelty would be the removal of the "Search" tab because, according to Gustavo, it does not make sense to compromise an entire tab just for this, exchanging it for one, say, more useful: "Watching". Since to have video content on Apple Music, how about embracing this idea once and for all? Well, the tab would serve as an easier way to find shows, shows, movies and more.

Concept of a new Apple Music, by Gustavo Gonalves

Finally, the ?Library? tab has been rethought to work well also on smaller devices, with a 4-inch screen, such as the iPhone 5s and the one that is still sold by Apple, the SE.

As you can see, the list of contents in the library takes up the entire screen of the device and the musical content ends up getting much smaller. In this concept, all the contents would be in a smaller range, giving greater emphasis to the songs.

Concept of a new Apple Music, by Gustavo Gonalves

As always, concepts are cool to see due to the diversity of ideas presented. Like everything in this world, nothing ever appeals to everyone and understanding each other's eyes is always very interesting.

Did you like it? Do you agree that some changes still need to be made to Apple Music? ?