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Catcher Technology to invest up to US $ 3 million to return to activity in November

Closed earlier in the week because of environmental concerns, Catcher Technolgy is expected to invest around $ 23 million to remedy its problems and be able to get back up and running by November, according to the DigiTimes. Catcher is responsible for the production of aluminum casings used in MacBooks and iMacs.

MacBook Air unibody body

Another strategy that the company intends to use to overcome this difficulty is to diversify its investments, expanding its operations in Taiwan, a way to place eggs in more than one basket. If one factory is closed again for any reason, the other could offset the loss in productivity.

Last quarter, Apple recorded the largest number of Macs sold in its history. As all models use metal housings, it will be important for Catcher to keep up with Ma's pace and meet all necessary environmental requirements. Otherwise, the chances of her losing this super-profitable contract are great.

(via AppleInsider)