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Broadcom announces its newest family of chips equipped with NFC technology

Broadcom logoBroadcom, a long-time supplier to Apple, yesterday announced its newest family of chips equipped with NFC technology (Near Field Communication), which will be able to manage mobile payment technology.

BCM2079x chips were built using a 40 nanometer process, being the smallest and most efficient on the market. To give you an idea, they use 40% less components in their construction, reducing their surface in the same proportion. In addition, the new chips consume 90% (!) Less energy than the previous ones.

The new family also supports a new technology called Conductor Middleware, which allows the construction of NFC apps with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. "Broadcom is committed to making NFC as ubiquitous as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are today," said Craig Ochikubo, vice president and general manager of the manufacturer. "These solutions provide the features and performance needed for disruptive innovation that will redefine the consumer experience."

Rumors about Apple's adoption of technology are uncertain. Some believe that the iPhone 5 can be equipped with NFC chips, others think that it will only be implemented in future versions perhaps in the sixth generation of the smartphone. But there are those who think that, instead of NFC, the new iPhones will be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, also capable of being used for wireless payments, as well as for transferring contacts and other simple and quick data exchanges.

(via BGR)